Home Heating Oil Prices for Westchester County New York February 14th, 2011

Everyone wants low fuel oil prices and thats why A & N Heating Oil does its best to keep the prices down while still providing you with great customer service.   A & N Heating oil has some of the best home heating oil prices and service in Westchester County New York. Call them today to get started with the best oil company in Westchester NY.

A & N Heating Oil New Rochelle
Westchester Oneness CoYonkers274-7236$3.5791/25/2011
Petroleum NutsWhite Plains576-4540$3.5991/25/2011
Fagleli Fuel CorpLarchmont834-0342$3.5991/25/2011
Emoril Fuel CorpBriarcliff Manor762-5768$3.5921/25/2011
Noxion OilOssining844-0451$3.5921/25/2011
Brolley Fuel Oi Mt. Vernon688-2760$3.6731/25/2011
Folke OilMahopac855-661-3370$3.6731/25/2011
Maxioil CorpVerplank737-7434$3.6731/25/2011
Breakthrough CorpTarrytown631-2672$3.6831/25/2011
Western Kent CorpBronx800-845-6-OIL$3.6841/25/2011
Thorn Valley OilPeekskill737-7588$3.6841/25/2011
Campho Oil CorpNew Rochelle637-3346$3.7141/25/2011
Titantic FuelPeekskill738-5850$3.7431/25/2011
Arbys Fuel Oil CorpNew Rochelle576-0348$3.7421/25/2011
Kraken Oil
Meltaon Fuel OilYorktown Heights302-2550$3.7561/25/2011
Phenique Oil
Wieser Oil CoPelham800-733-4062$3.7581/25/2011
Davids FuelOssining823-6344$3.7581/25/2011
Awaua OilCarmel845-225-5344$3.7581/25/2011
Oceans Oil CorpMahopac Falls737-5344$3.7891/25/2011
Jenkins Oil IncLake Peekskill603-3344$3.7891/25/2011
Rogue FuelNew Rochelle633-8434$3.7891/25/2011
Multiform PetroleumMahopac845-634-2330$3.7891/25/2011
Vitari Fuel Oil IncNew Rochelle633-0844$3.7891/25/2011
MixPetro Oil Co
Cash Free Oil CoPeekskill736-6555$3.8191/25/2011
Western City Oil IncCortlandt Manor528-5834$3.8291/25/2011
Noratic, LLCOssining841-5065$3.8591/25/2011
Optimis, IncHartsdale800-8234-0645$3.8691/25/2011
Energon CoopMillwood841-2243$3.8791/25/2011
Comcast Fuel CoMt. Vernon688-4634$3.8891/25/2011
Belmars Oil CorpMt. Vernon688-3638$3.8291/25/2011
Now Oil Firm
Harvard Fuel CorpMamaroneck688-4634$3.8591/25/2011
Knight United
Rouke Fuel Oil CorpBronx800-464-8851$3.8891/25/2011
Paladin Oil Co. IncYorktown Heights862-4575$3.8091/25/2011
Knickins Oil Co. IncMamaroneck738-8465$3.8191/25/2011
Grover Oil CoPeekskill737-1545$3.8541/25f/2011

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Home Heating Oil Prices for Westchester County New York February 10th, 2011

Once again A & N Heating Oil provides great prices and services to it's Westchester New York Residents. A & N heating Oil enjoys the reputation of being Westchester's premier full-service company. They have amazing discount prices on fuel oil (home heating oil prices) and help out the community in many ways. A & N provides a variety of home services ranging from fuel oil delivery, oil heat service, boiler repair, and oil service. A & N Heating Oil is currently regarded as the finest full service company in Westchester County NY.  Call today (814) 637-0070. A & N heating oil is located in New Rochelle New York.

A & N Heating Oil New Rochelle
Westchester Oneness CoYonkers274-7236$3.5781/25/2011
Petroleum NutsWhite Plains576-4540$3.5901/25/2011
Fagleli Fuel CorpLarchmont834-0342$3.5981/25/2011
Emoril Fuel CorpBriarcliff Manor762-5768$3.5901/25/2011
Noxion OilOssining844-0451$3.5981/25/2011
Brolley Fuel Oi Mt. Vernon688-2760$3.6701/25/2011
Folke OilMahopac855-661-3370$3.6781/25/2011
Maxioil CorpVerplank737-7434$3.6781/25/2011
Breakthrough CorpTarrytown631-2672$3.6801/25/2011
Western Kent CorpBronx800-845-6-OIL$3.6801/25/2011
Thorn Valley OilPeekskill737-7588$3.6881/25/2011
Campho Oil CorpNew Rochelle637-3346$3.7101/25/2011
Titantic FuelPeekskill738-5850$3.7401/25/2011
Arbys Fuel Oil CorpNew Rochelle576-0348$3.7481/25/2011
Kraken Oil
Meltaon Fuel OilYorktown Heights302-2550$3.7481/25/2011
Phenique Oil
Wieser Oil CoPelham800-733-4062$3.7481/25/2011
Davids FuelOssining823-6344$3.7501/25/2011
Awaua OilCarmel845-225-5344$3.7581/25/2011
Oceans Oil CorpMahopac Falls737-5344$3.7881/25/2011
Jenkins Oil IncLake Peekskill603-3344$3.7881/25/2011
Rogue FuelNew Rochelle633-8434$3.7881/25/2011
Multiform PetroleumMahopac845-634-2330$3.7881/25/2011
Vitari Fuel Oil IncNew Rochelle633-0844$3.7881/25/2011
MixPetro Oil Co
Cash Free Oil CoPeekskill736-6555$3.8101/25/2011
Western City Oil IncCortlandt Manor528-5834$3.8201/25/2011
Noratic, LLCOssining841-5065$3.8501/25/2011
Optimis, IncHartsdale800-8234-0645$3.8681/25/2011
Energon CoopMillwood841-2243$3.8751/25/2011
Comcast Fuel CoMt. Vernon688-4634$3.8801/25/2011
Belmars Oil CorpMt. Vernon688-3638$3.8201/25/2011
Now Oil Firm
Harvard Fuel CorpMamaroneck688-4634$3.8501/25/2011
Knight United
Rouke Fuel Oil CorpBronx800-464-8851$3.8801/25/2011
Paladin Oil Co. IncYorktown Heights862-4575$3.8001/25/2011
Knickins Oil Co. IncMamaroneck738-8465$3.8101/25/2011
Grover Oil CoPeekskill737-1545$3.8401/25f/2011

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What really determines the price of oil?

Oil is traded on the NY mercantile exchange (NYMEX) among others. People who have oil sell their oil there and people who want it buy it. The exchange matches up sellers with buyers who are willing to buy at the price they are selling at. The exchange knows the price all trades happen at and quotes the price the last trade settled at. In a classic open market system, the seller makes an offer and the buyer accepts offer, then the Price is set. Ultimately the thing that determines the price is the traders themselves. If a seller wants to sell for too high, he doesn't sell. If a buyer wants to buy for too low, no one will sell to him. All "oil is at $122/barrel" means is that someone sold oil to someone else at that rate on whatever exchange is quoting the number.

There are variations in respect of quality but no more than a few dollars. The classical economic model is at work here. At the intersection of the supply and the demand curves we get the price. Demand is affected by the collective needs of the world’s economies. Especially, the West and the rapidly growing economies of India and China. Supply is very strongly determined by the OPEC producing cartel. They decide what their production will be over any period, within the limits of what is technically possible. If they restrict production somewhat the price will rise. If they release more production the price will fall.

Non OPEC producers generally produce the maximum that they can and for the Multinational Oil companies like Exxon, BP and Shell it's bonanza time. These increases profits for them. In addition, “perceptions” and “forecasts” (i.e. what speculators and traders perceive to be happening and expect to happen) play a huge role in the price of oil. There is rarely an actual shortage or surplus in the short term. The price changes in line with what people expect to happen.

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Home Heating Oil is not Crude!

The thick black oil that once bubbled up out of the ground for Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies could never heat your home.

Straight crude oil is pretty boring. But when it’s refined—into products like gasoline, jet fuel and No. 2, No. 4 or No. 6 heating oil—it can be downright surprising.

Homeowners burn No. 2 heating oil—the cleanest and most refined of the three heating oil grades. No. 2 heating oil can be distinguished by its pure cranberry color. As the most refined grade of heating oil, No. 2 oil burns much cleaner than its oil “relatives” and has little negative impact on the environment. Used with a technologically advanced oilheat system, it produces near-zero levels of particulate matter during the combustion process.

No. 2 heating oil also generates a whopping 138,000 Btu’s of heating energy for every gallon burned, allowing homeowners to enjoy high comfort levels and great value.

Contact A & N Heating Oil today for the best discounts in Westchester County New York. We serve Westchester County... New Rochelle, Ardsley, Elmsford, Briarcliff Manor, Ossining, Cortlandt Manor, Scarborough, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Thornwood, Pleasantville, Chappaqua, Yorktown, Millwood, Croton, Mount Kisco, Vallhalla, White Plains, Harrison, Eastchester, New Castle, North Castle, Rye, Rye Neck, Rye Brook, Scarsdale, Yorktown, Yorktown Heights, Yonkers, Pelham, Pelham Manor, Portchester, Bedford Hills, Katonah, Cortland Manor, or Armonk!

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