Save Money on Home Heating Oil with AFUE?

A & N Heating Oil wants you to save the most money you can on home heating oil. Many people don't know that by upgrading old or inefficient equipment they can save a lot of money each year. This is because new equipment has a higher AFUE rating.

The AFUE rating is an acronym for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The AFUE rating indicates the percentage of heating oil that is successfully converted into actual heat for a home. The higher the AFUE percentage is, the better the conversion rate from oil to heat. For example, an AFUE of 85 percent means that 85 percent of fuel is being successfully used to heat a home, while the remaining 15 percent is lost, in the form of exhaust.

You want to find the most efficient heater for your home, you need to look for a furnace or boiler with the Energy Star label because the Energy Star labeled equipment has the highest AFUE ratings. The extra cost of the initial investment will ensure that you save money over the years because the home heating will be much more efficient. You can estimate the annual savings from heating system replacements by using the chart below.

Yearly Savings for Every $100 of Fuel By Upgrading
Your Heating Systems AFUE Rating
Current AFUE RatingUpgraded AFUE Rating


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Home Heating Oil Prices and Fuel Oil Resources for Westchester NY

Many of you may have lived in an oil heated home for many years. For some of you this may be your first experience with fuel oil or oilheat. Either way, you’ll find the materials about Home Heating oil Prices in Westchester New York and Home Heating Oil Resources on our website helpful and probably even a little bit surprising. 

As an home heating oil consumer, you should know that oil is a clean, efficient, cost effective, safe and versatile fuel. A & N Heating Oil wants to help you understand the facts about oil and home heating oil prices in Westchester county New York. Knowing the facts about oil will help you make educated decisions, save money and keep your home as comfortable as possible.

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Home Heating Oil Prices for Westchester County New York February 14th, 2011

Everyone wants low fuel oil prices and thats why A & N Heating Oil does its best to keep the prices down while still providing you with great customer service.   A & N Heating oil has some of the best home heating oil prices and service in Westchester County New York. Call them today to get started with the best oil company in Westchester NY.

A & N Heating Oil New Rochelle
Westchester Oneness CoYonkers274-7236$3.5791/25/2011
Petroleum NutsWhite Plains576-4540$3.5991/25/2011
Fagleli Fuel CorpLarchmont834-0342$3.5991/25/2011
Emoril Fuel CorpBriarcliff Manor762-5768$3.5921/25/2011
Noxion OilOssining844-0451$3.5921/25/2011
Brolley Fuel Oi Mt. Vernon688-2760$3.6731/25/2011
Folke OilMahopac855-661-3370$3.6731/25/2011
Maxioil CorpVerplank737-7434$3.6731/25/2011
Breakthrough CorpTarrytown631-2672$3.6831/25/2011
Western Kent CorpBronx800-845-6-OIL$3.6841/25/2011
Thorn Valley OilPeekskill737-7588$3.6841/25/2011
Campho Oil CorpNew Rochelle637-3346$3.7141/25/2011
Titantic FuelPeekskill738-5850$3.7431/25/2011
Arbys Fuel Oil CorpNew Rochelle576-0348$3.7421/25/2011
Kraken Oil
Meltaon Fuel OilYorktown Heights302-2550$3.7561/25/2011
Phenique Oil
Wieser Oil CoPelham800-733-4062$3.7581/25/2011
Davids FuelOssining823-6344$3.7581/25/2011
Awaua OilCarmel845-225-5344$3.7581/25/2011
Oceans Oil CorpMahopac Falls737-5344$3.7891/25/2011
Jenkins Oil IncLake Peekskill603-3344$3.7891/25/2011
Rogue FuelNew Rochelle633-8434$3.7891/25/2011
Multiform PetroleumMahopac845-634-2330$3.7891/25/2011
Vitari Fuel Oil IncNew Rochelle633-0844$3.7891/25/2011
MixPetro Oil Co
Cash Free Oil CoPeekskill736-6555$3.8191/25/2011
Western City Oil IncCortlandt Manor528-5834$3.8291/25/2011
Noratic, LLCOssining841-5065$3.8591/25/2011
Optimis, IncHartsdale800-8234-0645$3.8691/25/2011
Energon CoopMillwood841-2243$3.8791/25/2011
Comcast Fuel CoMt. Vernon688-4634$3.8891/25/2011
Belmars Oil CorpMt. Vernon688-3638$3.8291/25/2011
Now Oil Firm
Harvard Fuel CorpMamaroneck688-4634$3.8591/25/2011
Knight United
Rouke Fuel Oil CorpBronx800-464-8851$3.8891/25/2011
Paladin Oil Co. IncYorktown Heights862-4575$3.8091/25/2011
Knickins Oil Co. IncMamaroneck738-8465$3.8191/25/2011
Grover Oil CoPeekskill737-1545$3.8541/25f/2011

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Home Heating Oil Prices for Westchester County New York February 10th, 2011

Once again A & N Heating Oil provides great prices and services to it's Westchester New York Residents. A & N heating Oil enjoys the reputation of being Westchester's premier full-service company. They have amazing discount prices on fuel oil (home heating oil prices) and help out the community in many ways. A & N provides a variety of home services ranging from fuel oil delivery, oil heat service, boiler repair, and oil service. A & N Heating Oil is currently regarded as the finest full service company in Westchester County NY.  Call today (814) 637-0070. A & N heating oil is located in New Rochelle New York.

A & N Heating Oil New Rochelle
Westchester Oneness CoYonkers274-7236$3.5781/25/2011
Petroleum NutsWhite Plains576-4540$3.5901/25/2011
Fagleli Fuel CorpLarchmont834-0342$3.5981/25/2011
Emoril Fuel CorpBriarcliff Manor762-5768$3.5901/25/2011
Noxion OilOssining844-0451$3.5981/25/2011
Brolley Fuel Oi Mt. Vernon688-2760$3.6701/25/2011
Folke OilMahopac855-661-3370$3.6781/25/2011
Maxioil CorpVerplank737-7434$3.6781/25/2011
Breakthrough CorpTarrytown631-2672$3.6801/25/2011
Western Kent CorpBronx800-845-6-OIL$3.6801/25/2011
Thorn Valley OilPeekskill737-7588$3.6881/25/2011
Campho Oil CorpNew Rochelle637-3346$3.7101/25/2011
Titantic FuelPeekskill738-5850$3.7401/25/2011
Arbys Fuel Oil CorpNew Rochelle576-0348$3.7481/25/2011
Kraken Oil
Meltaon Fuel OilYorktown Heights302-2550$3.7481/25/2011
Phenique Oil
Wieser Oil CoPelham800-733-4062$3.7481/25/2011
Davids FuelOssining823-6344$3.7501/25/2011
Awaua OilCarmel845-225-5344$3.7581/25/2011
Oceans Oil CorpMahopac Falls737-5344$3.7881/25/2011
Jenkins Oil IncLake Peekskill603-3344$3.7881/25/2011
Rogue FuelNew Rochelle633-8434$3.7881/25/2011
Multiform PetroleumMahopac845-634-2330$3.7881/25/2011
Vitari Fuel Oil IncNew Rochelle633-0844$3.7881/25/2011
MixPetro Oil Co
Cash Free Oil CoPeekskill736-6555$3.8101/25/2011
Western City Oil IncCortlandt Manor528-5834$3.8201/25/2011
Noratic, LLCOssining841-5065$3.8501/25/2011
Optimis, IncHartsdale800-8234-0645$3.8681/25/2011
Energon CoopMillwood841-2243$3.8751/25/2011
Comcast Fuel CoMt. Vernon688-4634$3.8801/25/2011
Belmars Oil CorpMt. Vernon688-3638$3.8201/25/2011
Now Oil Firm
Harvard Fuel CorpMamaroneck688-4634$3.8501/25/2011
Knight United
Rouke Fuel Oil CorpBronx800-464-8851$3.8801/25/2011
Paladin Oil Co. IncYorktown Heights862-4575$3.8001/25/2011
Knickins Oil Co. IncMamaroneck738-8465$3.8101/25/2011
Grover Oil CoPeekskill737-1545$3.8401/25f/2011

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